Zero Trust-Cloud Compliance & Configuration

With the rapid adoption of cloud utilization, cybersecurity and compliance have become more important than ever to businesses of all sizes. Join this panel discussion as experts from 360 Advanced, RevStar Consulting & Ops Compass discuss how key zero-trust requirements can help improve your cloud security posture and compliance program.



Join CEO at RevStar Ken Pomella, CTO at OpsCompass John Grange, Tech Lead at AWS David Malone, and our very own Carlos Guerrero as they discuss the following:

• The importance of third party cybersecurity audits and penetration testing
• How to build applications with security and compliance in mind
• Best practices for maintaining Zero Trust as your digital footprint scales
• Where many organizations miss the mark with application configuration
• How third-party cybersecurity audits improve your security posture
• Best practices you can take back to the office tomorrow
• Real world examples from the experts

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