R.C. Giltner Services Announces 3rd Completion of SOC2/Type2 Data Security and Compliance Audit

R.C. Giltner Services, Inc., the leading provider of online digital lending technology to community financial institutions to drive new revenue and efficiency, has successfully completed its third SOC2/Type2 audit. The achievement demonstrates R.C. Giltner’s compliance with Service Organization Controls for data security and processes.

R.C. Giltner, Inc. provides online digital lending platforms that provide loans in minutes completely under the brand, underwriting and control of the financial institution. The firm provides turn-key, cloud-based technology for small business loans, such as business MinuteLender, that enable financial institutions to profitably and efficiently serve small business loans in minutes. The firm also enables financial institutions to provide consumer loans online in minutes, such as PaySound, with or without requiring a credit score.

The rigorous third-party examination that led to compliance with the stringent SOC2/Type2 security standards was administered by the professional audit staff at 360 Advanced, a national Qualified Security Assessor and Certified Public Accountant firm based in Tampa, FL.

“A large market for small business and consumer loans exists for regional and community financial institutions that previously was unprofitable and inefficient to serve,” explained Robert C. Giltner, Chairman. “Our cloud-based, digital lending technology allows revenue growth and efficiency previously not available to strengthen revenue and relationships under the financial institutions’ own brand and control, and compete with non-bank digital lenders.

“Obviously today, compliance and vendor due-diligence are critical as a service organization, and our SOC2/Type 2 audit is evidence of our dedication to superior security and service to our clients, in addition to meeting all requirements in any compliance exam,” explained Giltner. “Most importantly from a data security standpoint, our processes have no significant customer information, such as account numbers or tax ID information outside the financial institution’s firewall.”

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