A Message from Our President

We are glad you’re here. I hope your experience inspires you to contact us directly to begin a relationship that can save you time, money, and compliance problems. Our goal is to help make your organization more efficient, secure, and profitable.

Simply put, we facilitate the trusted handshake between our clients and their clients. Our service providers typically have direct or indirect responsibility for processing, securing, and/or maintaining information on behalf of their clients. Many clients require assurance that the service provider, as an extension of their own organization, is meeting the client’s data integrity, security, privacy, and compliance needs. Through a structured cycle of assessment, reporting and guidance, we provide the tools and support to create transparency and validate the processes and technologies used by the service provider to meet those needs.

We’ll need to get to know you better to understand your unique needs. We are always happy when we successfully help our service organizations achieve their goals. For many clients, we take a more holistic approach by developing an Integrated Compliance Strategy, that takes into account the diverse needs of clients as well as industry trends and competitive forces. Our team will thoroughly examine your business, your approach and your goals to devise a unique, client-facing strategy, formulated to meet the needs of today and plan for those of tomorrow.

For over a decade we’ve helped companies move their business forward. Time has proven that those businesses that use it as an opportunity to separate themselves from their competition embrace the greatest long-term success.

We are fortunate enough to have worked with a variety of clients, representing privately-owned service organizations to the Fortune 500. Our team has worked on compliance initiatives for businesses ranging from healthcare to banking and just about every industry in between; single-location domestic, to multi-location international. I won’t tell you we’re the right fit for all service organizations, because we aren’t. We’ve found that our most successful relationships are with those clients who share a common set of characteristics – have a commitment to quality, they seek value, are innovators, and embrace the strategic aspect of the professional services that we provide.

We accept nothing but the best in our team, product quality, services, and deliverables. Our success is ultimately a reflection of your success. We hold all aspects of the client experience to the highest standards and I will not accept anything less. I hope soon to welcome you as a client, if I haven’t already.

Developing, maintaining, and communicating security and compliance to your clients is convenient and cost-effective