SOC® 3

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A System and Organization Control 3 (SOC 3) Report addresses the same information as a SOC 2. The report outlines a business’ internal controls regarding security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, or privacy. These five controls are the core focus of the AICPA Trust Services Criteria.

A SOC 3 report is shorter than a SOC 2 report, as it does not include the same level of detail. Because this report is more general, it can be distributed freely without restriction. This makes a SOC 3 report a good choice for any organization looking for assurance about system controls without the need for detailed information.

Our SOC 3 Services

This overview is designed to help the service organization prepare for the examination by identifying deficiencies, gaps, and other potential red flags, along with coaching so management can understand their options to repair them.

A SOC 3 report expresses an opinion on the system of controls, related to the AICPA Categories Security — availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy —  that have been placed into operation as of a point in time to meet your service requirements. It does not describe the system itself and is not restricted.

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