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Keith Engelbert
360 Advanced showed great professionalism as it relates to getting acquainted with a very unique industry like ours, the school transportation industry. While we think our business is very simple, we're probably unlike any of their other clients. Once we explained what our app does, all the data we're ingesting on a daily basis with over a million student records per day, the scope of this audit became apparent very quickly. We know that's not easy and we appreciate all the extra effort that was put into learning about us and our industry. Especially in this last year with the inclusion of our new app, there was a whole new learning process. We were throwing curve balls and they worked with us, asking the right questions about the product and shaping the audit around that. We're extremely pleased with the service.

SafeStop App

Julie Fleming
The process was not rigorous or difficult. The 360 Advanced team worked with us closely, and they were very open and willing to explain everything, guiding us through and helping us find resolution in the areas we needed to improve. They were tremendous.

Director of Technology
PrimeNet Direct Marketing Solutions

Mark Keefe
We interviewed several firms, and just had the best feeling of cultural alignment with 360 Advanced. They delivered on what they said they would, quickly and efficiently. The compliance process is more and more required, and probably 90 percent of firms in our space don’t do it or don’t have it. Achieving this level of compliance is clearly a differentiator, with marketing value. They are consultative, thorough, and efficient. It is a culture with high integrity.”

PrimeNet Direct Marketing Solutions

Denise Stockman
What initially kicked off the interest in 360 Advanced for implementing HIPAA compliance at Maverix was the need for assuring our customers that our platform is secure and compliant for managing human data. We see HIPAA compliance as a must-have and key differentiator. I have already recommended 360 Advanced to others because they are results-oriented and their value proposition is key. Three words: Excellent customer service. 360 Advanced had a clear, transparent process during the buying process – very up front and not at all hardcore selling.

System Architect
Maverix Biomics

Angela Stubbs, President
So far working with the 360 team has been a wonderful experience – the level of service is something I can recommend.


Don MacLennan
We are housing some very sensitive data for our clients, and it is absolutely critical to treat that information with the highest standard of care. As we attract new customers and care for our current customers, we expect they would and should conduct due diligence on our data security processes. It means a lot to them to have third party validation of those very high standards.

Co-Founder and CEO
Bluenose Analytics

Audit Services Company
I think the strength of SSA16 accreditation compliance has been such an advantage for us, allowing us to improve our processes, provide oversight and have our customers see the difference. None of our customers required it before, but now it is standard language in RFPs/bids. We are the market leader and this has provided us with a competitive advantage we didn’t have previously. The SOC examination has exceeded our wildest dreams. We are communicating this as part of our sales process and now it’s a requirement in nearly all the RFPs. We’ve won every single bid we submitted on since we received compliance. We think that is the key differentiator.

Audit Services Company

Sam French
The one thing that sticks out more than anything else is the audit readiness they provide before the audit process starts. I appreciated the coaching and mentoring we received so we were well prepared for the audit. In today’s stringent bank regulatory environment vendors providing products and services need to undergo a SOC 2 audit to prove to the bank we have controls and processes in place to address key audit principles. Without a SOC 2 audit it is very difficult to compete and meet the expectations of our bank clients. 360 Advanced has been willing to participate on conference calls, helping us discuss the audit and compliance objectives with prospective clients. 360 Advanced always answer their phones, whether for quick issues or questions. And, they are not nickel and diming us – we paid one fee and they are still assisting us post audit.

Vice President and Chief Information Officer
R.C. Giltner Services, Inc.