Integrated Compliance Solutions Save Time and Money

Eric Seward April 2, 2019

Data security is of paramount importance as technology continues to evolve for businesses of all sizes. Conducting compliance audits on data security on a regular basis is vital, but sometimes the sheer volume of data security compliance audits can result in audit fatigue and in financial losses as well as wasting time. An integrated compliance solution, with a single vendor and a single point of contact, can help improve your compliance strategy, saving you both time and money.

The pitfalls of siloed audits: efficiency, efficacy, and budget

Audits require a large time investment — they can last anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks for each one. If a business has multiple projects that run consecutively, it can last months (or even a year), and require a lot of staff time and focus.

Travel expenses for audit teams can add up, particularly if there is a need for multiple audits over a period of time. This means audits can cut into a business’s bottom line.

Sharing information completely and thoroughly between multiple auditors throughout audits can be challenging, which is why an integrated, all-in-one approach can eliminate issues that can be costly.

Why integrated compliance solutions work

When one vendor works on multiple audits for one company, it helps eliminate vital communication breakdowns which can result in important components getting left behind (or missed completely). A single audit vendor can build a timeline and strategy that reduces the time and workload expected from your employees. And, with only one vendor and an integrated audit, there is less travel and related expenses.

An integrated compliance and data security audit simplifies the experience for everyone involved. In the 360 Advanced Integrated Compliance model, there is a single planning phase, one execution phase and one delivery phase. Integrated compliance solutions utilizes a single team of auditors who only need to understand your processes and controls once which results in a significantly more efficient engagement.

Another benefit is that your single audit vendor can really get to know your company because all of the services are organized and coordinated by a single adviser.

Why you should choose us for your integrated compliance strategy

360 Advanced offers a data security audit integration system that helps keep your company compliant across several standards, including:

Our system cuts down on lapses in communication that can occur when multiple auditors are working separately, and will save time and money overall since you’re avoiding the audit firm sending out multiple teams for each process.

Get on board with an integrated compliance system for a seamless experience that will cut down your internal staff hours and executive time — and stress. Numerous auditing firms examining your security compliance can be a headache, but a single project with a single provider can make a huge difference, not just on your bottom line, but on your peace of mind as well.