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How 360 Advanced assists Xfernet in developing and sustaining a compliance program to negotiate and gain new business


Managed Services Provider


Los Angeles, CA
Xfernet provides custom IT solutions that include security and compliance, business continuity, and managed IT services for companies in a wide range of industries. They’ve been a client of 360 Advanced since 2013.
Sam Scott
Chief Executive Officer, Xfernet
“Working with 360 Advanced to build out our compliance program has put us in a position to take advantage of — and win — much bigger opportunities. It’s also allowed us to keep business, because we’re able to continue supporting our clients as their compliance requirements grow. “When we’re being compared to another service provider, it’s not apples to apples, because our level of compliance shows we have a higher operational integrity than many assume we have — and definitely more than many of our competitors who are our same size. Having the support of 360 Advanced has been a tremendous help.”
With clients in industries including entertainment/media, financial/legal services, gaming/technology, and retail/e-commerce, having top-level compliance isn’t just a need for Xfernet, it’s a must. In 2013, CEO Sam Scott was looking to replace their current cybersecurity and compliance vendor with a firm who could not only help with their certification requirements, but could offer hands-on support and strategic advisory as well.
“360 Advanced gives us much more than the facilitation of an audit. They provide us the guidance to understand what the intention is behind the steps and layers of each certification and how it supports the bigger picture. Having their support is extremely valuable, and has greatly refined the workload and the demands on our team.”
Sam Scott
Chief Executive Officer, Xfernet
Sam hired 360 Advanced, and for the last 10+ years has received the guidance and support to grow a robust compliance program that both meets the needs of Xfernet’s clients and positions them to win bigger business opportunities.

Xfernet has grown an industry-leading compliance program that includes SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001

They feel fully prepared — and confident — to handle the in-depth security and compliance reviews that bigger companies need to conduct in order to hire them

They have passed extensive security and compliance reviews for enterprise companies without any remediation or changes needed

Xfernet was able to keep — and increase the business of — one of their biggest clients because they had been continually expanding their certifications

They love having access to hands-on compliance advisory that keeps the certification process refined to what is relevant and necessary for their business and company size

They stand out among many of their competitors for the level of compliance they’ve achieved and maintain

Developing, maintaining, and communicating security and compliance to your clients is convenient and cost-effective

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