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How 360 Advanced’s integrative approach to compliance helps Synctera save time, money, and resources




Palo Alto, CA
Synctera is a banking platform that helps companies of all sizes build, launch and scale embedded banking and FinTech products.
Christopher Kalanderopoulos
IT & Security Operations Manager
“Doing our SOC 2 and PCI assessments definitely makes a difference from a time, resource, and cost perspective. It’s a marginal increase in cost to have 360 Advanced do two audits instead of one, but infinitely better from an efficiency standpoint. Our team is able to streamline their efforts and focus on doing both audits at once, which eliminates duplicate efforts. “Each year we work with 360 Advanced, things continue to get smoother and more efficient than the year before. They’ve really been a great team to work with.””
As a FinTech company, Synctera is used to being held to the financial industry’s high standards for info security and compliance. They’d obtained their SOC 2 assessment from another compliance vendor, but weren’t happy with the tremendous amount of time the auditing process took to complete. When the need arose to get a PCI DSS assessment, Synctera wanted to find a new vendor who could not only take them through the process more quickly and efficiently, but help them continually meet and exceed their industry’s compliance standards.
“The consistency of the 360 Advanced team is a massive help — not only from a relationship standpoint but also because they’ve developed such a good understanding of our business.”
Christopher Kalanderopoulos
IT & Security Operations Manager
Synctera discovered 360 Advanced, and decided to try them out for their PCI DSS assessment. After that first assessment went extremely well, they switched their SOC 2 audit over to them, too. Synctera has been a client of 360 Advanced since 2021.

Synctera sees significant time savings because they can integrate their SOC 2 and PCI compliance efforts together

The continuity of 360 Advanced’s team and easy-to-follow processes allow for more streamlined assessments cycle after cycle that are conducted in less and less time

They see significant cost savings by having 360 Advanced do both audits instead of paying individual vendors to do each one.

They are far more organized because the evidence and samples required for both audits are all in one shared folder

Since Synctera is entirely cloud-based, 360 Advanced helps them navigate portions of the PCI questionnaire that aren’t applicable to their business

The guidance Synctera receives from 360 Advanced allows them to continually deliver on their commitment to the highest standards of security, compliance, and risk management

They love having a trusted advisor that communicates with them in human-centered, non-audit-specific language so they easily understand what is needed to satisfy controls and how they can submit it

Developing, maintaining, and communicating security and compliance to your clients is convenient and cost-effective

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