A Message From Our President on COVID-19

Eric Seward March 17, 2020

To the 360 Advanced stakeholders and community:

Everyone is aware that the situation with the coronavirus is fluid and unfolding quickly.  Our priorities are the individuals and families that are affected by the spread of the virus, as well as the social, logistical, and economic fallout.  While there is great uncertainty as to how things will play out, we expect significant and unprecedented additional measures that will affect us all.  We are committed to taking a leadership role in our business and local communities.  Accordingly, we are implementing proactive measures to ensure the safety of families and individuals, and in anticipation of additional measures and restrictions that are likely to be imposed that affect business operations.  We must also ensure that we act with prudence and good judgment – rather than fear and panic – and we encourage others to do the same.

Effects on Engagements and other Business Activities

Unlike countless other businesses, we are fortunate to be able to continue with our work during these uncertain times.  HITRUST, the PCI SSC, and ANAB (ISO) have afforded us short-term remedies that will allow for the continuance of engagements with limited or no onsite time.  Similarly, procedures are available that allow us to perform SOC and other examinations subject to AICPA guidelines in a similar capacity.  Finally, we have strong people, processes, tools, and financial resources in place to enable this.  Our long-term stability, continuity planning, and going concern as a trusted business advisor is part of our commitment to our clients and prospects, and what differentiates us from many of our competitors.  We have implemented the following guidelines for the conduct of business on an interim basis:

  • Our team is required to follow the spirit of the CDC guidelines – and all government mandates – when carrying out company business.
  • Until at least April 10, international travel is prohibited for 360 Advanced business matters, and travel to domestic destinations requires approval by my office.  Our teams will work with clients and other stakeholders to accommodate their unique requirements and circumstances.  In any case, our teams are expected to exhaust all options for conducting work remotely before endeavoring in non-essential domestic travel or working at client sites.
  • We are encouraging remote work and collaboration on all engagements for at least the next 90 days.  Although business may begin to return to normalcy, it is unlikely this problem will go away anytime soon.
  • We will abide by the requirements and guidelines set by each standards body; the quality of our work and commitment to our values remains uncompromised.  I have included our values at the bottom of this communication as a reminder of our commitments to all 360 Advanced stakeholders.
  • We have drafted individual plans for all clients, prospects, and others that may be affected by these guidelines, and this communication will be followed within the next 48 hours by a personal communication from your key contact(s) at 360 Advanced in such cases.

Our business is built on values, long-term commitments and investments, and strong relationships.  While pervasive to everything we do as 360 Advanced under all circumstances, it is circumstances such as these when those things count the most.  We must be vigilant in these times.  We also have a responsibility to ensure the social and economic well being of our families, friends, and communities.  I encourage everyone to support local businesses, continue to buy goods and services, and do anything you can to help friends, family, and those in our community who are directly affected.

Please reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss or should you have concerns.

Best regards,

Dan Collins

360 Advanced Firm Values:

  • Integrity and Ethics: Being independent, objective, and accountable through our strategies, decisions, and actions.
  • Client Satisfaction: Striving to always exceed client expectations.
  • Quality: Maintaining high standards and rigid quality practices and methods for all services and products.
  • Reliability: Setting clear expectations and delivering on those expectations through dependable judgment, character, performance, and results.
  • People: Holding ourselves to high standards, and sharing in the financial, professional, and personal rewards.
  • Culture: Being transparent, flexible and team-oriented in our strategies, decisions, actions, and methods.
  • Innovation: Consistently employing innovative and creative thinking in all of our endeavors.