360 Advanced Compass Rose Achieves ISO Accreditation for Certification

St. Petersburg, FL – 360 Advanced Compass Rose, the ISO certification arm of 360 Advanced, proudly announces the successful attainment of ISO/IEC 17021-1 accreditation for certification to ISO/IEC 27001.

The accreditation allows 360 Advanced to independently assess and issue certificates to organizations that adhere to ISO’s specific ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a globally recognized standard for information security management systems. 360 Advanced Compass Rose successfully passed a rigorous evaluation process that included meeting the rigorous criteria set by ISO.

“This strategic initiative further enhances our breadth of capabilities to deliver cybersecurity assessment services,” said Practice Director Chris Gudzak, who leads the ISO delivery practice. “This allows us to ensure our high standards and rigid quality practices are met during the delivery of these audits for our clients.”

The attainment of an ISO 27001 certification represents an organization’s implementation of and adherence to an internationally recognized cybersecurity standard. In addition to improved abilities to manage cybersecurity risk, resulting benefits include consolidation of costs related to additional compliance endeavors, such as PCI and HIPAA, and minimization of the financial burden of redundant audits and compliance testing.

“A significant number of our clients seek internationally recognized information-security solutions to enhance their existing compliance footprint,” Gudzak said. “By integrating these efforts with other compliance audits, organizations can achieve heightened efficiency and cost-effectiveness while fulfilling diverse compliance obligations.”

As a trusted provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions, 360 Advanced considers the accreditation as a valuable addition to its portfolio of services, underscoring the company’s commitment to achieving and maintaining unsurpassed standards in the cybersecurity and compliance realm.

“There’s an ever-increasing importance to provide exceptional services that adeptly identify risks and showcase the commitment of our clients to cybersecurity,” said CEO Dan Collins. “With our ISO accreditation, we can continue to strengthen vulnerable areas and ensure our clients’ needs are met with the highest level of quality. Our goal remains to help clients improve their businesses by navigating the modern cybersecurity landscape with confidence, and this accreditation helps us continue that work.”

360 Advanced earned their accreditation from ANAB, the ANSI National Accreditation Board.

The ANSI National Accreditation Board/ANAB is a non-governmental organization that provides accreditation services and training to public- and private-sector organizations. ANAB is the largest accreditation body in North America, providing services in more than 75 countries.

About 360 Advanced Compass Rose
360 Advanced Compass Rose, the certification arm of 360 Advanced, is a relationship-focused cybersecurity and compliance firm offering integrated management system certification solutions customized to meet your business’ needs. 360 Advanced Compass Rose works with organizations that are seeking to assure data security, availability, integrity, and privacy. Their open communication policy helps to facilitate a more thorough assessment of an organization’s management system. To learn more, visit the website.

For more information on compliance solutions, please contact Patrick Tolliver: ptolliver@360advanced.com

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