From Zero to Security and Compliance Hero

Eric Seward July 22, 2019

Ontic Technologies, the leading provider of Protective Intelligence Security Software, delivers technology to empower security teams to protect assets, employees and customers. In today’s world, you, your company, your employees, your students, or your physical assets may come under some kind of threat or attack. Investments in physical and other security systems have already been made to protect these critical assets — but are they working together, proactively, and preemptively? Ontic provides proactive protection that leverages deep analytics and intelligence to discover signals, investigate risk, and initiate immediate, collaborative action. Ontic exists to make businesses safer by serving intelligence to those who protect. 

Compliance becomes Ontic’s advantage. 

As a new category of security software, Ontic needed a unique value proposition in order to instill confidence in the enterprise buyers of this market. Potential customers needed to know they could trust Ontic, so compliance with standards and regulations impacting their customers would be the secret superpower that kept prospective relationships from stalling due to compliance concerns. 

Choosing the right vendor makes all the difference.

Ontic knew they needed an examination of their controls supporting the security, availability, and confidentiality of their systems and how they handle customer data. They wanted a vendor that could work with their fast-paced, fast-growing team that was spread out across remote locations. They needed a firm that had experience with startups and enterprise organizations; a trusted counsel on what a large organization would expect from a new vendor.  

Familiar with our reputation, Ontic CEO Lukas Quanstrom reached out for a consultation. 

Our team dug in deep, gaining critical insight into Ontic’s current data collection and management, as well as their short and long-term sales strategy and how these strategies could affect compliance options.  

After our comprehensive discovery process, we recommended an integrated compliance strategy, starting with a SOC 2 examination and HIPAA Security assessment.  

We developed and executed a structured, phased approach to complete the SOC 2 and HIPAA initiatives as part of a larger holistic approach to Ontic’s overall organizational strategy. This approach saved Ontic time and money while providing two impressive compliance deliverables for the demanding prospects Ontic wanted to engage.

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An integrated strategy set the stage for big wins. 

With the successful completion of the SOC 2 and HIPAA assessment, Ontic now speaks to large enterprises confident that they meet the stringent requirements for vendor due diligence. While many vendors have taken an early exit on these opportunities, Ontic stepped up.